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Plastic Extruder Nelson Plastics, Inc. is a custom plastic extrusion manufacturer that is pleased to place customer satisfaction and quality products at the forefront of everything we do.

While many companies manufacture a variety of resins, Nelson Plastics, Inc. focuses on polyethylenes and polypropylene. We believe deliberately concentrating on two very applicable types of materials creates a proficiency that is beneficial to our customers.

Present us with a print for a new product or a design to revamp an existing one, and Nelson Plastics, Inc. will work with you to find a cost-effective, quality part that meets your specifications.

Should your project involve specialized downstream equipment or packaging services, Nelson Plastics, Inc. will assist in determining the most fitting application for that as well.

Nelson Plastics, Inc. makes every effort to ensure each step of the process from the print to the product achieves just what our customers require.

All operations can be manufactured with custom colors and special packaging. Let us know what your extrusion needs are and we will work with you to produce a finished custom part at a competitive price.
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