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Corrugated Pipe & Tubing:

Nelson Plastics, Inc. will work with you to meet your specific needs for corrugated tubing. Our capabilities include changing the corrugated profile from circular to other geometric shapes, adding straight/cuff sections or molded ends and creating an all-in-one seamless piece.

We have tooling for a number of corrugated I.D. and O.D. combinations that might be applicable to your project. We can work with you on specialized applications requiring a combination of corrugated and smooth sections within a length of pipe. Many times we can use our standard tooling for the corrugated section and build tooling for only the specialized straight/cuff portion of the tube significantly reducing your project cost. We work with ½" to 4" O.D. at a variety of lengths.

Corrugated Plastic Pipe

Our secondary corrugation operations include:

  • Inserting molded ends
  • Assembly of components
  • Packaging
All operations can be manufactured with custom colors and special packaging. Let us know what your extrusion needs are and we will work with you to produce a finished custom part at a competitive price.
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